Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait

Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait Formula 1 controls both bait-averse & non-bait averse cockroaches. It can reach void areas that gels and bait stations cannot and remains effective for more than one year after initial treatment.

How it works

Comment il fonctionne

  • Cockroaches pick up a lethal dose through direct exposure.
  • The active ingredient, Abamectin attacks the nervous system of cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches are irreversibly paralyzed, stop feeding and die within a few days.

When to apply

Quand appliquer

How much to apply

Combien d'appliquer

Application tips

Conseils d'application

Diseases controlled

Maladies maîtrisées

Pests controlled

Parasites maîtrisés

Weeds controlled

Mauvaises herbes supprimées

Product specifications

Spécifications du produit

Insecticide group: 6A
Active Ingredient: Abamectin
Packaging: 12 x 30 g
Product Article #: 59011905
PCP #: 28403
Ontario Classification #: 4
Gross Weight of Package: N/A
Units/Pallet: 260
PTS - T/L (48 foot): N/A
Warehouse Stack Height: N/A
Heated Storage: N/A
Flash Point: N/A
NFC Class: N/A
TDG Information: N/A


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