Seclira Pressurized Insecticide

Includes a new active ingredient from BASF, providing long-lasting control and an additional tool for resistance management.

  • High variety of use sites and wide use patterns make Seclira suitable for a range of situations, including residential and commercial kitchens
  • Controls pyrethroid resistant bed bugs
  • Dries without residue and provides an undetectable, nonrepellent option with unsurpassed transfer effect, reducing the risk of unwanted pest sightings during treatment
  • Fast knock-down and long residual allow pest operators peace of mind and reduced call-backs after application

How it works

Comment il fonctionne

Seclira pressurized insecticide is a ready-to-use insecticide that kills listed pests on contact, as well as providing residual control. Use this product with the supplied actuator and injection tubes. Hold container upright when spraying. Apply this product directly to listed pests where possible. This product may be applied using the following techniques:

Crack and Crevice Treatment: Crack and crevice is an application directly into narrow openings on the surface of the structure. It does not include the treatment of exposed surfaces. Narrow openings typically occur at expansion joints, utility entry points and along baseboards and mouldings.

Indoor Perimeter Treatment: Indoor perimeter application is less than 0.3 m wide along the edges of a room to baseboards, wall-floor and ceiling-wall joints, and around doorways or windows.

Spot Treatment: A spot application is localized to a surface area not greater than 0.2 m2. Spots are not to be adjoining. The combined area of spots is not to exceed 10% of the total surface area of a room.

Void Treatment: An application into inaccessible, enclosed empty spaces of a structure. For example, hollow walls and suspended ceilings.

When to apply

Quand appliquer

How much to apply

Combien d'appliquer

Application tips

Conseils d'application

Diseases controlled

Maladies maîtrisées

Pests controlled

Parasites maîtrisés

Asian lady beetles
Bed bugs
Boxelder bugs
Clover mites
Cockroaches (excluding American cockroaches)
Flour beetles (red and confused)

Weeds controlled

Mauvaises herbes supprimées

Product specifications

Spécifications du produit

Insecticide Group: 4A
Active Ingredient: Dinotefuran
Size (units x size): 12 x 567g
Formulation: Pressurized insecticide
Product Article #: 59020877
PCP #: 33422
Ontario Classification #: Class 4
Gross Weight of Package: 7.3kg
Units/Pallet: 72
PTS - T/L (48 foot): N/A
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 High
Heated Storage: No
Flash Point: N/A
NFC Class:
TDG Information: Flammable


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